Thursday, April 4, 2013

Which one?

Friends! I am in the process of getting a new tattoo. Can you hear me squealing?
I have one that I got last year for my 10 yr wedding anniversary, but you know the saying, "once you get one you are hooked". I have been wanting a cross tattoo for-evs. Monday night at bible study us girls got to talking about all wanting to go together and get the same tattoo. (Yes, Jesus still loves the tattooed) I have narrowed it down to TWO choices of where I want my cross...but I can not decide.
If it were you...where would you get yours?
I like the cross on the finger, so dainty and cute...
but then the cross on the hand (pictured, Demi Lovato) is pretty awesome.
Is that too rock star for this 30 somethin mama?
I am so excited for this tattoo. It really means something more to me because us 3 girls have grown pretty close during our bible study. A friendship that may not have been expected but you know God...puts people together for a reason.


  1. Replies
    1. Ashley, my first tattoo was a small one. Maybe the size of a quarter. I got the Open Heart from the Kay Jewlery line. Just a little symbol for our 10 yr wedding anniversary. I would recommend starting small like I did. It really felt like a cat scratch. Just more irritating then painful. As you can see my next one will be another small one. I have ZERO pain I am keeping it safe. A full sleeve is not in my near future. But those are so cool..