Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Tween Slumber party

This past weekend my daughter had a handful of her closest friends over. It wasn't a birthday or any type of celebration. We didn't have fancy balloons or streamers. We did have a couple really fun activities and lots of laughter. Oh...and two extremely exhausted parental units.

I started searching online for some fun activities for the girls. A few have never met the others so I wanted a sort of break the ice type of game. Being a tween girl with raging hormones is quiet the roller coaster ride. I did not want anyone to feel out of place. That just makes my job that much harder and my referee uniform was at the cleaners.

I did find one game on The Party Animal Blog. You take a ball of some sort (They used a child's latex ball) and write a bunch of really random questions on it. Maybe some #Truth or #Dare. The possibilities are endless. The rules are, you toss the ball around to eachother and when you catch the ball, which ever question your RT THUMB lands on, is the question or challenge you complete.

On our ball I had questions like...

If you had to choose between one...shaving your legs or shaving your armpits?
(this question had them cracking up...and the answers were hilarious)

If you were President, what would you change?

Say something nice about the person next to you.

Sing part of a song that has "Money" in it.

If you were on an Island and could only have 3 things to survive, what would they be?
(yes Justin Bieber was someones answer)

The girls had so much fun with this game. I purchased a 97 cent beach ball from Walmart. We can deflate it and use it again for the next party. This was a CHEAP and FUN game for the girls. They went home talking about it to their parents. I got text the next afternoon telling me how much they loved that ball. Thank you Party Aminal Blog!

The last game I had for the girls was a scavenger hunt. No slumber party is complete without a scavenger hunt. We live really close to an outside Mall/Movie Theater. Which has a really nice pavillon with fire pits and fountains. The perfect hangout. So this is where we took out scavenger hunt. This was so much fun. My husband and I chaperoned and died laughing the whole time.

This worker at the Candy store was amazing! One of the challenges was to find someone to sing Justin Bieber "baby" with them and video it. He sang and DANCED. It was the best of the night.

Find 4 people not in your group to form the letters YMCA and take a photo.
I was so surprised at how WILLING everyone was to help. We had the whole outdoor mall playing with us. The kids loved it!
Of course no sleep over is complete with out a flyer!
The girls had a blast. We were told it was the best sleep over they had been to.
Makes me happy, because we didn't even try. We just had fun.
Currently: We are planning my daughters Neon Dance Bash.
This is a co-ed party....may the odds be in my favor. *gulp*


  1. I loved doing scavenger hunts in college! Haha. Your very brave to handle that many girls at once!

    - Have you sent a letter yet? I'm hoping to get mine in the mail this weekend!

    1. Ashley...last yr for her 10th bday, we had 15 girls over to spend the night. It was insane! This year, (a couple wks actually) she will have I think 10 girls spend the night. It is all about picking the right ones to stay over...otherwise it is ww3. I bet the scavenger hunts in college were tons of fun. I can only imagine! HA! I have not even wrote my letter...that is on my to-do list this week.

  2. I love this idea of the scavenger hunt. You are an amazing Mom!

    1. Thank you Jess~ Scavenger hunts are so fun...I thought it would be a great idea to mix in some challenges. That was the best part of the hunt.