Friday, April 5, 2013

{DIY} Canvas Wall Art

*this idea is not my own...I am guilty of seeing this sort of craft on Pinterest. Pretty much daily.*

Here's how I completed this incredibly time consuming craft project.  

Supplies Needed:
Painters Tape
Acrylic Paint
Sponge brush
Hotglue or any adhesive of your choice (not pictured)

measured out my 12x12 canvas into 2x2 squares
placed my painters tape in a V shape at the point of each square to create the chevron pattern I was looking to achieve

It did get a little harder as I went along. But I still measured out each area and kept the same amount of spacing in between each arch

 I mixed two colors to achieve the desired color.
Painted the canvas using a sponge brush. Painters table bubbled a little bit so I had to go back with a steady hand and repaint clean lines. *whomp*
Allow paint to dry a couple hours.
Attach your Monogram with adhesive of your choice. I used Hot glue because I am impatient.
I am currently working on a whole wall where this art piece is displayed. I can not wait to share with you the finished project. For now, you get just this project. *wink* what a tease right?